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Welcome to Kindercone

KinderCone brings the beloved German tradition of the Schultüte (school cone) to America:  a tradition in which grade school children are presented with a large, colorful cone filled with goodies and treats on the first day of school to celebrate the start of another school year!

Since the late 1800's and continuing to this day, German parents and grandparents have traditionally presented a first grader with a Schultüte to honor the first day of "real school" in a fun and extra special way.  KinderCone offers pre-filled "Editions" and "Fill Your Own" KinderCones, so that families in America can celebrate this wonderful tradition with their young grade schoolers in a variety of ways. 

KinderCone offers three Editions: Kindergarten, First Grade, and Writer's Editions.  We also offer "Fill Your Own" KinderCones for parents who would like to personally choose the gifts that their child will eagerly discover inside the cone.

All our cones are original KinderCone designs and are handmade in Germany of high quality, sturdy paper and have a closable soft felt top.  We sell only traditional full-sized 27.5 inch (70 cm) cones to properly celebrate the first day of school no matter what grade your child is entering!