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Graduation Time

This spring is extra special for my own family and KinderCone. Not only are we launching our 7th season with a new, simpler and fresher website (thanks to Shopify!), but our oldest daughter Lillian is graduating from high school!  It seems like only yesterday that I proudly presented her my first handmade and lovingly decorated Schultüte on her first day of first grade.  The excitement and joy of her classmates on that special day at Bell Elementary School in Chicago is what made me become an entrepreneur.

The years that followed were full of creative work, very long hours and some of the best and most adventurous times of my life.  I finally launched KinderCone in 2009, and now 7 years later, Lillian is graduating from the 12th grade!  The time has truly flown by.

As we enter our 7th season, I want to thank all our loyal customers and friends, who continue to spread the word about KinderCone and the tradition of celebrating the first day of school.  I also want to announce our new Kindergarten Edition for all the youngsters who can now look forward to a KinderCone one year earlier!

So as we head into graduation season, let's celebrate school and the achievements of all of our children, whether graduating from kindergarten, high school, college, or any grade for that matter.  Let's keep our children inspired to become life-long learners and to make the world a better place for all.

Celebrate School!


Lillian starting first grade and starting senior year high school


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