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Little Ones Want KinderCones too! Promotion until August 15th

KInderCone Minis sibling cones siblings store promotion

When Lillian, my now 17 year old High School Graduate, got her first KinderCone she already had three little sisters anxiously waiting for their turn.  Needless to say, they were not amused, especially not her then 4 year old sister Audrey who jealously watched her big sister once again get the most exciting gift.  And I am surely not the only parent who had to deal with the little disappointed faces as the "big"ones once again got it all.

Along comes the KinderCone Mini, truly a miniature version of the big KinderCone, ready to be filled with tiny treats.

Not only will they love you a little more and be a little less jealous of the sibling but they marvel at all the possibilities once they are ready for the big time!


So with every KinderCone First Grade Edition you get our Mini for free...until August 15h.

Happy first days of school from all of us at KinderCone!

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