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Welcome to our 9th Season !

Dear Parents, dear Kids, 

I am happy to report that we are in our 9th year of bringing the sweet tradition of the Schultüte to the United States. I have certainly learned a lot during these years and have tweaked our website to make it simpler and easier to order your First Day of School gift. 

This season we were not able to get the Minicones from our German suppliers made, since those can only be produced when the big ones are made. So the little sibling cones have to get the big ones too :)

What has not changed is our commitment to making the first day of school of your child, or your little Kindergarteners Graduation special this year! And, I am always looking forward to your comments and photos that I would then post on our new and improved Facebook page!

Happy Summer everyone!


Vivian and the KinderCone Team

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