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About KinderCone

KinderCone was established in 2009 to bring the German tradition of the Schultüte (school cone) to America.  Since the late 1800's and continuing today every German family has celebrated the first day of first grade by presenting their new grade schooler with a large decorated paper cone filled with special treats and gifts to make that first day of "real school" extra special.

I remember what a special occasion the first day of school was when I entered first grade in my hometown of Munich, and I wanted to continue this wonderful tradition for my children here in America.  So when my first daughter was about to start first grade in Chicago, I dutifully crafted a cone out of poster board and decorated it by hand. I filled my handcrafted Schultüte with treats and little gifts and presented it to Lillian on the first day of school!  Just as I remember when I was her age, Lillian beamed with pride, her friends were curious with envy, and that was the day I decided to start KinderCone.

KinderCone is about making the first day of school extra special for young children. Whether your child, grandchild, niece or nephew, is entering First Grade, Kindergarten, or another grade, I love the tradition of giving our future scholars something special to celebrate the start of a new year of learning, friendships and academic achievement.

KinderCone sells pre-filled Editions which come with special contents for a First Grader, Kindergartener, or aspiring writer in the family.  We also sell "Fill Your Own" cones which are KinderCones that parents can fill themselves.  All KinderCones are authentic and handmade in Germany of sturdy cardboard and are a full-sized 27.5 inches (70 cm) in height. Each cone has a closable soft felt top ready for your child to discover the special gifts and treats inside.

Whether you purchase a KinderCone from our store or handcraft your own cone, I hope KinderCone will inspire you to celebrate school with your loved ones.

Vivian Lie - Founder

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